How do I generate a Qualifying Event Notice for a qualifying beneficiary?

How do I generate an Initial Rights Notice for an employee?

How can I access the new COBRA system?

Login details will be emailed to you over the next few weeks. If you do not receive login credentials by May 15th, please email us at cobra@csllc.com.

Will my current MyTPA login credentials work with the new system?

No. You will be provided new credentials in the coming weeks.

Will the way I submit termination notifications change?

Yes. You will need to utilize your new login to report all COBRA events, and be able to view employee/participant profiles immediately upon completion of entry.

If you currently submit an electronic file to our FTP site your method of termination notification will not change.

Will my reporting change?

Yes. At this time, monthly remittance reports will still be posted to our secure ShareFile site, however, the reports will be simplified to reflect premium payment activity only. Additional reporting will be available to you directly through your access to the WebCOBRA system.

Why did you decide to move to WebCOBRA?

The new system provides a more agile COBRA administration experience for our clients and includes the following features:

  • Improved reporting available.
  • Real-time access to COBRA and New Hire data
    • COBRA paid through dates
    • COBRA enrollment status
    • COBRA QB letter status
    • New hire notification status
  • Online election for participants
  • Enhanced Security

Will there be instructions on how to use the new system?

Yes, there are administrative guides, and we are currently working on enhanced tutorials that should be available in the coming weeks prior to client transition. Check back here for updates.