Business Associate Agreement


Continuon Services Business Associate Agreement


Who is the “business associate”?
Continuon Services, LLC

Who is the “covered entity”?
Your organization, which may also be referred to as the “plan sponsor”.

Why are you requesting this agreement?
Federal law (HIPAA, the Privacy Rule, etc.) requires that business associates and covered entities comply with the privacy standards set forth within the law.  This agreement is your assurance of the same. This agreement ensures that we are both compliant with applicable laws and subsequent regulatory guidance issued in recent months.

We have previously signed a Business Associate Agreement with Continuon.  Why are you asking us to do so again?
Recent changes to the law require a new agreement.  This is for the protection of all parties and to ensure compliance with all laws, regulations, and responsible agency/legal guidance.

Is this an Administrative Services Agreement?
No, this is not your Administrative Services Agreement.  If you have a previously signed an administrative services agreement, it is still valid.  If you do not have an agreement, you will be requested to execute one at a later time.  We are in the process of reviewing all agreements for all clients and will address them at a later date.

Should I have legal counsel review this document?
Please follow your corporate policy in this regard.  This document is largely based on guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services.  You will find most BAA’s are generally the same in terms of language and intent.  If there is an issue with this document, we can likely execute your version.  We cannot allow any changes to our version of the document.

Who can execute this document for our company?
Any officer or director authorized to execute contracts with direct responsibility for the human resources department and/or employee benefit plans.  These are often CEOs, COOs, CFOs, VP/Director of Human Resources, etc.  Please be certain the signer is authorized to enter into agreement for your company.

Who will execute this document for Continuon Services?
Our Chief Executive Officer:  Jamie Hicks.  He has already executed the document, so please execute it, keep a copy of your records, and return a copy to or fax it to 678-899-6136.

When should the document be returned to Continuon Services?
Please return it within 15 days of receipt.

What sections of the document need to be completed by the covered entity (a.k.a. you, the client)?

Please update these portions of the document:

  • Add the legal name of your organization
  • In section 2.11, add the job titles of all persons entitle to Protected Health Information (please, enter job titles and not specific names)
  • In section 6.04, add contact, legal name, mailing address, and fax and/or e-mail addresses.
  • Execute by adding an authorized signature, printed name and title.